Frequently Asked Questions
  What makes a product better than a competitors product?

A trim kit is manufactured with the highest quality of materials and processes. Our products using a Genuine Wood Grain material such as Medium Burlwood or American Walnut use only Grade A camphor and walnut burl woods. Our Carbon Fibers are Genuine Carbon Fibers, not synthetic or kevlar materials, and our Genuine Factory Match materials are stained by hand to ensure color consistency.

In addition to our high quality materials, our polyurethane clear coat is the most durable in the industry. We use a 100% exterior polyurethane which will not discolor or crack due to heat or ultra-violet exposure. This gives our product a wide range of applications including exterior trim for doors and fuel caps. uses only 3M Primerless Acrylic Foam Tape. This means that when installing our product, there is no need for a surface promoter! Surface promoters are meant to prepare a plastic surface to chemically bond with an adhesive, effectively destroying the surface being covered by trim. Since our product requires no promoter, should your customer need to remove the interior trim for any reason, the surface beneath the trim will not be ruined and will simply need to be cleaned.

Not only do the materials we use make our product stand out among the rest, so does the attention to details taken in the production of your customers' dash kit. is the only company to apply the adhesive on the back of our product after the clear coat has been applied. This provides two very distinctively Superior benefits. First, the adhesive being cut away from the edge of the product hides the edge of the adhesive, which will typically pick up dust and dirt that falls along its edge, hidden beneath the product. Second, drips that occur along the edge of the product during the application of the clear coat can be knocked off prior to the adhesive being applied, creating a smooth, rounded edged product without clear coat drips and obvious imperfections.

  How do I properly clean and prep the installation surface to ensure proper product adhesion?

For the purposes of installing a trim product, the surface being covered must be cleaned thoroughly with a prep solvent. recommends using 3M Prep Solvent 70 to clean the dash surface. Other prep solvent products are available from other companies and may work as well, just so long as the product is a chemical equivalent to 3M Prep Solvent 70.

We do not recommend using alcohol to clean the surface of the dash. While many believe this does a thorough job, alcohol can not clean the silicon-based surface protectants commonly used on automotive interiors. Alcohol can be used to supplement Prep Solvent 70, however it should never replace it. An interior that is not thoroughly cleaned prior to installation may result in the trim product losing adhesion or easily coming off the surface it is applied to at a later time. products installed on a properly cleaned surface will not come off on their own without an extreme degree of effort.

3M Prep Solvent 70 can be obtained through a local automotive paint store or through 3M directly at their web site,

  Why should my customers be concerned about what they put on their dash?

Most car owners don't think twice about bringing their car in to their dealer or to a car wash facility to have their car worked on and detailed. It is important that every customer understand how important it is to ensure that vinyl dash protectants such as Armor All are NOT poured directly on the surface of installed dash trim, or on the surfaces directly above or adjacent to installed dash trim. This is of particular importance to customers who install Genuine Wood Grain dash trim in their vehicles. When dash protectants are applied so liberally to a surface near dash trim, it is inevitable that some of that protectant will find its way behind the dash trim. Depending upon the climate, the location of the dash trim and the frequency at which protectant comes into contact with dash trim, this may result in what is referred to as delamination. When delamination takes place, the clear coat resin used on the surface of the wood grain material begins to peel away over time. It is important to note that delamination due to the use of a dash protectant is not covered under warranty.

  Why would there be any variation between a factory match dash kit and the vehicle into which it is being installed?

As with any Genuine Wood Grain application, our wood veneers will vary from one wood panel to the next. For regular applications, this makes the dash product unique in each vehicle, and most customers are extremely satisfied by the look of their vehicle. Due to the variation in real wood veneers, each factory match trim kit that uses Genuine Wood Grain will experience some variation from one kit to the next. does strive to maintain the consistency of the color and the knot patterns in the woodgrain for factory match kits, however some variation is inevitable.

In addition to the variation in factory match wood grain materials, many automobile manufacturers use real wood grain in their vehicles, and that wood grain will vary. If wood grain varies slightly lighter and the vehicle is varied slightly darker, the difference may be noticeable.

  Does offer material panels or custom designed parts?

At this time, does not offer entire panels of material to our customers. does offer custom design services to have custom parts done or even parts that aren't currently covered by a kit. The first step to having a custom part done is to do a template using paper or poster board. If the part you need done is "regular," in other words rectangular and having no curves, then dimensions may be all that is needed. Next, send the template to us so we can do a price quote for you. If the price quote is approved, the part will be designed and sent to you within our regular production schedule.

Custom parts are non-returnable items, and any design work done is billable, regardless of whether an end product is manufactured. Price quotes are based upon estimated design time, and the final cost of design time may vary depending actual design time.

  How can I obtain updated catalogs or sample materials? strives to ensure our customers have access to the most up to date and pertinent information available about our products. Our product line is constantly evolving and changing to meet our customers needs, and to keep our products up to date with the latest changes in the automotive industry. Because our products can change quickly, the most current information available to our customers can be found on our web site at There you will find new products, new materials and photographs of our products installed in a wide variety of vehicles.

Printed catalogs and sample materials are also available to our customers. Product catalogs are $15 each, and sample rings are $20 each.

  How do I get setup on Net Terms, and what are the qualifications?

For most businesses, Net Terms are available only after establishing a solid order history. To become established on Net Terms with, please contact our offices and request a Credit Application to be faxed over to you. Upon receipt of a completed Credit Application, will review the application and let you know if your business is then on Net Terms or not.


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