Installation Instructions

Before Installation

Carefully align all panels on car to check for fit. Do not remove the backing on any of the panels before checking for fitment. Once the kit is installed, there are no returns. Once you are satisified with the fit, follow the installation instructions below.


  Tools and Materials Required
  1. Two plastic squeeze bottles. One containing 3M Prep Solvent 70 part # 0135-08983 available at automotive paint supply shops and the second one containing clean tap water.
  2. A roll of paper towels.
  3. 1500 Watt hand held hair dryer.
    Do Not Use Heat Guns or Any Type of Open Flame, they produce too much heat and create a fire hazard. For production type environments, set up heat lamps to warm the wood pieces while the installer is cleaning the vehicle.
  4. 50 or 100 ft. extension cord.
  5. Soft polishing cloth for cleaning and polishing dash when finished.
  6. Turtle Wax Vinyl * Fabric Upholstery Cleaner and Protector - used upon completion of installation.
  7. Tweezers.
  Auxiliary Heating Options
  1. When outdoors or when circumstances permit, the best and most readily available source of heat is the vehicle's own engine and heating system. In many cases it is the only practical way to warm the vehicle, the installer and the components that are being installed. In extremely cold weather, it may be the only option.
  2. Use hand held hair dryer to heat each individual piece and the vehicle dash as they are being installed.

    Warning: Temperature is Critical. The vehicle and the wood pieces should be approximately 100 degrees F. (body temperature) for best performance and adhesion results. Be careful not to over bend pieces of wood before warming. The interior of the vehicle must also be wamed for best results. The installation of warm parts into a cold vehicle is not recommended due to expansion and contraction of the materials. The dash pieces should not be allowed to cool off until installation is complete.

  Installation Instructions
  1. Determine which heating method is most advantageous.
  2. Carefully remove dash pieces from cardboard package. Dry fit all the pieces in their prospective locations. Once satisfied that they all fit properly, place them where they will be heated.
    Notice: If you see what looks like water spots or hairs on the surface of the resin coating after removing the clear vinyl protective covering, do not worry. When you heat the dash these marks will completely disappear.

    Warning: Cleaning is Critical DO NOT CHEAT ON ANY OF THE CLEANING PROCESS! Carefully test areas to be cleaned to make sure cleaners will not remove any paint from the plastic surfaces.

  3. While pieces are warming, clean all areas to be covered with Prep Solvent 70, using clean paper towels. Clean at least two or more times using new paper towels each time on each area to be cleaned. DO NOT USE RAGS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Use paper towels and cleaning solutions liberally. Small amounts of silicones or impurities can and will foul the tape. It is important to use squeeze bottles to avoid contaminating the liquid cleaners.
  4. When satisfied that the area is clean, do the same procedure with the clean water. Allow the dash to dry thoroughly before installing any pieces.
  5. When everything is warm, carefully take the dash pieces one at a time, remove all of the clear backing from the tape using the tweezers. Place each piece into position, being careful not to press them until you are certain that they are where they belong. If necessary to reposition, use the hair dryer to heat the piece and slowly peel the piece from the dash. You may damage the wood if you are not extremely careful.

    Warning: No Stretching or Pulling or Overheating of the pieces. Remember to always work with the dash from the top to bottom, bottom to top or from one side to the other and roll the dash into position. Never set two ends and push in the center section. This will stretch the dash, which will cause it to come off or fracture later with the constant heating and cooling that takes place within the vehicle.

  6. When all the pieces are in place, take the polishing cloth and firmly press them onto the dash, using heat if necessary. Make sure all parts are adhered firmly to the dash. Clean and polish with Turtle Wax. Never apply waxes or cleaners directly to the dash. Spray them on the cloth and wipe the dash.

    Warning: Remove All Cleaners and Protectants. When installing in used vehicles or new vehicles that have been detailed, check for Armor-All or other dash preservatives. If they are present it may be necessary to repeat the cleaning process 10 or more times to make sure it is clean. NEVER USE TAPE PROMOTERS WITH THIS PRODUCT!


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